Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Wow that's pretty cool. The blog I mean.

Now where was I???? So I dragged out all my stash and boy do I have a lot.  So the first thing I thought I better do is get organized so I could buy more stuff!!! I made a list of all my leaflets in excel, then filed them according to subject. Then I was going to organize my magazine articles - three crates full - but couldn't figure out how I was going to do this. So i moved on to my floss. This was easier. A majority of the floss is DMC and I am just going to lump like colors together rather than have seperate brands. I bought one of those floss books that show all of the colors so I could match the best I could. So that is where I am right now - I have to do that in the daylight to get the best match possible. Daylight ends at 6pm around here, really sooner, so this will take some time.

I did get a cute sampler done for my daughter's teacher and I am working on a sweatshirt for her now. I want to get a snowman sweatshirt done for her as well. I will post pictures as soom as I can.


I have titled my blog "purplestitcher" because I love purple and I love to cross stitch. I have been out of commission from stitching for about 6-7 years because life got in the way and I abandoned it so to speak. My dear friend from high school got me motivated again a few months ago when she came for a visit over the summer. She is into knitting and asked if I still stitch. I told her no but then when she left I dragged out all my stuff. She also turned me onto Yahoo groups and I am in about 18 of them.

I started to stitch when I was about 10 and my sister taught me. She was a First Grade teacher and 13 years older than I am. It was stamped - I have no idea the pattern and I have no idea where is went. Then she introduced me to other stuff - latch hook, crochet, etc. I became a teenager and was crazy wild. Cross stitch was so uncool. Then I went to college and got a job in the real world.

I worked on a psychiatric unit in a hospital. We had recreational therapy every day and I had the opportunity to participate in this. I got hooked again. At that time (I was 23, so that was 16 years ago - OMG I am so old!!!!!) there were so many neat places to get kits, leaflets, and supplies. I went to these LNS every chance I got. I am glad I did because nowadays this is like a dying art. Until I got onto the web and discovered neat shops on the there and all the other wonderful people out there who stitch. I used to share this with the nurses and co-workers and even taught some people to stitch. It was great to see other works. Now I cannot find anyone close who does this. It is so frustrating. I am so jealous of people when they say they have stitching weekends and go to all these shopping trips with their friends who stitch. I would love to have people over who share this craft. Maybe I am just looking in the wrong place or I am not trying hard enough.

Anyways I abandoned it again because I ended up going to graduate school, buying a house, and having my daughter. Well, my daughter took up alot of my time. I am very hands on and it's hard to stitch and be hands on with a active, sociable little girl. Well she is six now and not quite as demanding. She can entertain herself a little while longer. Sometimes I feel quilty if I tell her to find something to do and bring into the living room and work beside me. I don't know why I feel so guilty. It's probably good for her to be able to entertain herself. Anyways...I have so many projects I want to do and have too many WIP at the moment. I used to think you had to finish a project before you started another one, but this is quite common. Hold that thought I want to see if this works before I write anymore about my boring experiences.